11. 7. 2023 Archies National Park - one of my main goals. Evening. I only have the last remnants of the flashlight. I will make the blog short. Today we entered Archies park. Reservation for an ordinary car for 2e, and at the entrance we bought a card for all parks in the US for 75 euros. We ran through the park and mine the dream was to spend the night in a local camp right in the park. But camping reservations Devils Garden are full for a long time. After all, a free place was found asking, you won't give anything for a camping spot in the middle of amazing nature and $25 cash. When we want to grill and want to, wood cannot be collected in the park. We have to have it buy. Wood in the camp can only be bought online. We pay the park in cash for wood by credit card - I love America. We found the net on a stone hill, the child climbed up there and shared the Internet.

I will add about camping in Archies National Park. Despite the fact that the signs at the entrance and on each the camping site was reported to be occupied, about every 10th place was occupied. Bill from Texas told us that there are many canceled orders due to the heat. It was warm but for the fact that it is a desert, I was expecting a different hell. I even taught kids how to to summon clouds and we almost started a storm. That would spoil our grilling like that we asked the clouds to go and flood the adjacent desert in Utah. Lady who in the camp she was working in the morning and told us that she had never seen so many clouds here in the summer. She worked there only 11 days as a volunteer. She was estimated to be 70 years old and was the first volunteer times. Our nearest neighbor was approximately 150 m away. We stood at the very end of no. 51. With its own red rock and a small valley (we fished on its top signal to the phone and therefore we had internet - sometimes), and with our own beginning tourist route, sometimes foreigners came to us and we were happy to welcome them. Other places, I think, were not so nice. In the evening, we went exploring with the children of the ancient land over which it is getting dark. We saw a doe with a baby, they passed under the rock on which we sat and lay... and then the stars came out.

12. 7. 2023 Second day  we did 2 more walks. It was everywhere for the first 60 million years vast desert - Piles of rolling red sand. She was there so long that the sand petrified, turned into sandstone. On the surface it developed sparsely fern forest and grassland Where for the next 60 million years dinosaurs passed by. At this time, wind and water began change sandstone into bizarre shapes. After the dinosaurs, another 60 million years ago when the land was inhabited by the ancestors of man - some kind of mouse with big eyes, but also the predecessors of the bunny, the doe and the like. They decorated already at that time sandstone arches landscape. And in the last stage, some Indian to performed in front of an Indian woman, drew a few petroglyphs. Wall mounted paintings. And they have been preserved to this day. The landscape turns into a desert again. And one evening and one morning, still at the end of it all, we could admire the rugged beauty of the 180 million year old landscape. It is also standing there somewhere the wooden cottage of the old prospector, the owner of this land. The one he lived here with the idea of ​​gold mining, and one evening he wrote in his diary: I admire how the light and shadows change in the landscape. Hopefully he found some gold too
and his descendants are now sitting in some mansion in Florida. Because they were no longer in the cottage. We were thinking of sleeping in the beautiful camp again one night. The travel schedule is quite full and we have to say goodbye to this magical one wasteland.
It's now morning and we're sitting in a campsite 100 miles away next to a stone one cities of the Mesa Verde Indians. It is strange that the Indians had so much time to develop and compared to European civilization how simply they lived, and how little is left of them. Before the arrival of the first colonist on the North American on the continent, only 5 million inhabitants lived in small villages and several small towns. What would history look like if at a certain moment two more or less equally developed civilizations collided? Maybe I'm taking it from a bad point of view. A harmonious life with nature and a pure mind, that is perhaps the goal. The faces of the Omaha statue Indians were sincere. Faces immigrants troubled, determined, and marked by worries. But they were just statues.

13. 7. 2023 Following the tracks Indians. Mesa Verde. This morning we woke up in a camp that had a pool and bubble bath included in the price. On the hottest day, I recommend trying a hot bubble bath. We left the camp for lunch and knowing that we had a great swim, we only have
a few hours to complete today's program. We entered Mesa National Park Verde. (where our national park card purchased at Arches was valid) They saw we are clay underground dwellings, brick dwellings hidden in rock niches. We learned that there were 3,500 Indians living nearby and in a large area about 100,000. We spent 5 hours in the park, we saw fragments of clay vessels and we learned that for hundreds to 1,500 years, the technique of building houses by they didn't improve anything much. We left with a strange feeling of uncertainty. Such as it is possible that at the time when Guttemberg printed thousands of books a year, they stood amazing all over Europe gothic buildings and these Indians dug in burrows. During his life, he became an Indian moved about 70 times, they did not have a permanent home, they repaired empty burrows and buildings in rocks and inhabited them for a while. Their agriculture did not know irrigation. A then when we left my dear discovered that there was a performance in a nearby town Indians. There were four of them. The performance was stomping dances and then a game on
whistle. That pipe was fantastic. She accompanied the dances as though she were original Indian music. drum and wild screaming sounds. But we applauded it I was afraid of the performance. When all this echoed in the night canyons centuries, even nature itself would be afraid. And I think the Indians were afraid too. The whole they spent their lives running away from drought, wetness, shortages, evil spirits, fire, hunger, enemies, they didn't have a permanent place, they camped wherever they could and didn't call it a vacation. They took refuge to rocky outcrops, with bad access, just so that something doesn't eat them... And here I am you said that we have romanticized the life of Indians. Fear, maybe religion, perhaps prejudice did not allow them to develop. They didn't use the time and she eliminated them more advanced civilization. I don't want to spoil my memories of Vinetua and Old Shatterhanda, but I really like the word "savages" when it comes to Indians. I think civilization needs a certain period of calm for its development. A space where you can relax but also work on new things.

We continued on our way to Monument Valley and found ourselves in front of the park now just after midnight. The ranger politely told us to come in the morning. He thought we wanted to sneak in under the cover of night and not pay. Navajo tribe occupied this valley, and a few others, they make their own rules and take from visitors own entrance fee. No prepaid cards are valid. And realistically they do not offer any proper services. I found on the net that driving in a caravan recently in Monument Valley, the police have banned it - they don't hesitate to charge an entrance fee. We'll ask in the morning and see, maybe we'll continue straight away on Zion.

14. 7. 2023  Monuments Valley, Navajo National Monument and Powel Lake National Park. At night we looked for a suitable place to camp. In the brand camp, next door the trips demanded an incredible $100. We left for the large parking lot in front Zadara park information center. It wasn't until the morning that we discovered a wonderful campsite places slightly in the desert. However, it is difficult to estimate at night. We woke up in the morning in front of the Monument Valey welcome center. We went inform about the entry of campers to the park. The aunt, an Indian woman, said yes they only allow us 4 miles, we kept asking about other things like camping in the park, guides, horseback riding in the surrounding Navajo parks and ages children free - As we are 5 and age 7+ pays the full amount. The lady answered us I don't know, ask there directly (which would mean traveling... the flow of information right?) So we went straight to the entrance. Aunt, the Indian woman told us that too the youngest Barborka has to pay 9×5 40$ for the fact that we can stand in the parking lot 200m behind the entrance. On a traveler's blog, we found a mention of the side road no. 163, next to Monument Valey Park. We took a lot of photos from this trip it worked. And we started cursing the Indians on foot. That if they really wanted to to do business they will give us a reduced price and for $100 they will offer horse riding and the like. Overall, I have a very bad feeling about Indians. When they manage something themselves, it's a prüser and nothing can be done and everything is a problem. Native American gift shops are ugly huts, Many Indians are roaming the street. On the contrary, Indians employed in normal companies like Mc Donald, shops or national parks are nice and polite.

Navajo Monument

Since we skipped the Monument walley, we had a lot of time. On the way to Zion I spotted a Navajo sign monument. Google doesn't even know about this road, and I don't even know about the monument after all find. (I can already find him there... I probably didn't have internet) So we turned there. The only thing that made me go forward, even if we were the only ones car on this road, was a comparison of a Navajo locality under Navajo administration and this Navajo locality under state administration. Well, in my opinion, that monument was better than the Valey monument. A small but perfectly equipped park with two campsites. One free with no services. IN night interpretation with rangers morning escort (free) to the town of the Hopi tribe. Their peculiarity is that they lived in the city for only 20 years and with all the equipment and food supplies suddenly left him. It is certain in Deniken and Souček explanation... (The asteroid that created the crater in Arizona threw a pressure wave into this location as well. The Hopi, as a result of the fall, waited in a protected valley for 20 years in fear of a recurring disaster) The approach of the Indian-rangers was completely different. We are even in the store with they sovereignly spent $140 saved before that on souvenirs. I have a new ranger hat and another t-shirt, kids also something...

Hoover Dam and swimming at Powell lake. Just a few weeks before our arrival, the western US had the lowest level of dams and waterways in history. There was a huge drought in 2023. Fortunately, the tremendous rainfall filled the dams to their original normal state. The water in the dam during the first swim was noticeably cold. A week later it was much warmer. We are now sitting in Powell Lake n. The park. At the end of the lake, which is filled by the Colorado River, there is a dam with great equipment. The children completed a few tasks and immediately received a ranger badge from nice ranger. (my foreword on motivation). The park itself is tolerant the rules. With the RV we camp anywhere except the designated spots. Now we are sitting in Powell Lake n. The park. At the end of the lake, which is filled by the Colorado River, there is a dam with
great equipment. The children completed a few tasks and immediately received a ranger badge from nice ranger. (Children often find an opportunity in national parks, in the information center become a young ranger and earn a badge. You ask for this option and the lady from behind the counter takes out a workbook. My kids with these they spent hours on notebooks.)

16. 7/2023 At Powell lake we may have planned to camp one night. He called out however, my cousin is coming to Las Vegas on the 19th and we will be camping together in around. This means Zion Park, Grand Canon or most likely Hoover dam or Lake Mead. We didn't lose time and after the redemption we pulled the direction north. Two parks from our list Zion and Bryce. Somewhere we came to Zion late at night. This makes finding parking more difficult for every camper. Table All Friends enticed me to camp in nature. As soon as I connected the water, electricity and
I managed to splash 100 liters of our waste into the waste (all only at by the light of a small flashlight, the stars, and the modest lighting of the caravan) mine dear, she found out on the net how much camping will cost us. We are, however they just needed to sleep and move on at 6 in the morning, not wait until 8-9 the owner will be willing to accept a horrendous sum of 100 for 6 hours of sleep. Quick decision, escape into darkness. Disconnect hoses, drains, inlets and mention in the dark. In two km further we found an RV park, in which if we do not connect the power we do not pay anything. In the morning, I only peeked into Zion Park, but I wanted to go further according to the smell. Perhaps here we will spend time with my cousin so let's not repeat ourselves. But Bryce!!! Besides that that at the entrance the ranger marked my card so that it is no longer valid until 2025 and that I pissed off the ranger at the campsite because I was walking through the forest... everything was great. Our car has a ban on stopping almost everywhere, but the Americans have thought it through. They are there are two campsites. You need a reservation for one, even if it is half empty it has a big sign occupied and local service is unavailable, the second campsite has a first-come, first-served system. We looked at the empty seats, signed in at the entrance on paper, in an envelope with we entered $30 with the number of our place and we were accommodated. Then we gave a beautiful hike among bizarre red rocks, barbecue in the evening. The kids had fun and they laughed for the whole round (even though the ranger didn't hear it and maybe he did).

In Bryce Park, which I recommend for a few days, everything looked beautiful. Me but the thought that due to the arrival of the cousin, we will be defacto stuck on this one place for more days than is healthy. The original plans, California and the Sequoias and this everything falls. Few people are willing to drive such long distances with us. After all, already on On the 5th day we covered 2000 miles (3800km). But we didn't want to look at those in the morning certain variations of stones and beautiful greenery. The ideal time spent in the park is on electric bike or on long hikes. Unless someone likes to spend time on one it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Afternoon. I satisfied the family and I moved the caravan to Lake Navaž. There are a few campsites where the children can swim. The water was cold because the snow had only recently melted on the local mountains and it had recently rained. A what now. All the places in the wide area are beautifully relaxing, but too few action for us travelers. I have to use the two days of waiting for my cousin somehow. I ordered to go to Sequoia. The trouble is that on we have less than three days to travel the whole way, and it is 2000 km there and back. Every caravan owner will tell you that a caravan with sleeping above the driver is called: the alcove is for slow driving. It is true that driving in the night rush hour on the ring road Las Vegas is the college of driving if you have to watch endless connections and exits, overtaking and passing drivers and all this at a speed of 100 km on an 8 meter caravan which is as wide as your lane plus the odd ones double companions of our car. Neither shows the real distance. What the hell he didn't want the car ahead didn't respect my turn signal and pushed me to the exit directly to downtown Las Vegas. At the last second, I avoided the concrete wall that separated the exit to the center. So I drove the truck around downtown nighttime Vegas for a bit until we found the closest connection to our freeway. At the same time, we decided not to go shorter on the way through Death Valley. The lowest temperature in the morning should be 44c. Now, at midnight, we stopped in front of the museum in of Barstow. Only 4 more hours of driving and I will see a redwood forest.

Vegas from highway

17. 7/2023 Morning in Barstow, waking up in front of the route 66 museum and a railway museum. Opening hours on Saturday morning (now it is Monday). It is strange for a city surrounded by desert. Large plots of land covered with them cottages, where there is a sun-baked villa with lion statues at the gate. Highway and a railway junction. Snake warning signs.

When traveling rolling dunes of light yellow sand. After a quick breakfast, the children were still sleeping, we started the move to California. After half an hour of driving, we left Nevada and the eastern desert of California welcomed us. Then came the brand United States Army Air Force Research Facility, then labs mark Nasa. As long as those brands were there sixty years ago, I understand the imagination of filmmakers who traveled there. UFO and mysterious phenomena, it was enough to omit the brands in question and the theme for movies and comics is immediately in the world. The road turned into the eastern part of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Windy turbines and solar power plants giant Tesla chargers with a small pump for gasoline, are trying to fulfill the dream of electric motoring. Why only a dream? I saw long double-decker trains hauling goods to thousands of supermarkets, driven by diesel locomotives, about a thousand trucks overtook me a day running on diesel. (I overtook 16 trucks) Buying an electric car with a range of 200 miles is at these distances and volumes of goods and people, on the lower end of usability and feels more like a toy with nice functions. Half of the wind power plants were standing, one was small even a broken propeller as a symbol of an effort that does not yet have a clear winner.
We quickly crossed the hills of the Sierra Nevada, in this section the entire mountain range is only it started. Huge slopes covered with yellow grass and dust awaited us roads suitable perhaps for four-wheelers. Then came the irrigated farms and fields. California, with six times the area of ​​Slovakia, is known as the leader country in the world in the fields of science, technology, education and entertainment industry is also the largest producer of certificates in the USA. I didn't believe it myself especially after seeing Nebraska and Iowa. Hopefully Wikipedia isn't making things up. In the distance we could see San Francisco or its outskirts. We screwed it up towards Sequoia park. At the beginning, the children asked for workbooks for young ranger. (each park has different notebooks and different tasks different badges) Next there was a warning for drivers. Cars over 20 feet are not recommended for entry. Ours is 28 feet, which is about 8 meters. They get big in tight turns with attention and caution, he kept the car in the lane so that I didn't scrape it against protruding rocks or oncoming vehicles. They looked we are General Sherman's Sequoia Forrest - the oldest living megatree, children they had lunch in the caravan and did the exercises from the notebook. I slept.
With completed tasks and solemn oath before the ranger, you are my children they deserved another badge. The oath was fun. The ranger took it seriously and at the end of the oath she placed the sentence: I will eat all the vegetables they give me to eat. Again, I'm watching people feel good here. Whatever they do. Aye the man at the gas station who sold me wood for a crazy amount felt good, I guess he was pleased with the few dollars in his pocket and that he had robbed a white man. The park is beautiful, redwoods, Red Woods and Sugar Three, they are incredible plants. The campsites here count on everyone, and at the last minute there was one for us too a place that someone gave up through the reservation system 10 minutes before ours arrival. Even so, many places are left empty, people order, pay a deposit and don't come. The weather forecast was not favorable, it was supposed to be cold.

18. 7. 2023 Morning,  completed the entries from the previous two days. A stream roars nearby, around such a blue bird with a plume on its head is hopping and looking for something in the grass, a squirrel from a nearby tree makes a 'pijuuu' sound at me if she was shooting a laser at me in some computer game from the workshop California Game Studio. Otherwise, the camp is quiet. Even the iron ones stand quietly chests in which you can hide food and maybe even children in case that a bear will visit the camp. The days are full and I wonder what this one has in store for us day.

Night 18. 7. The journey from Sequoia National Park was generally long. We are a park they left only in the evening after walking all day. We slept at the rest stop with the truck drivers. Luckily they didn't rev their engines late into the night like the European drivers, or I was too tired to mind. ​On the morning of 7/19, about 5 other caravans stood next to us. The drivers of those the caravans were standing drinking and chatting about where and how to go next. He was standing there also the Red Bull team from Rebulák caravans. I didn't join. And right after waking up, I pushed on. The family continued to sleep. (note 1) We found each other during the day camping in Vegas. At least the children were swimming there.

Sample text. Click to select the Text ​20/07/2023 We camped in the national park for two more evenings Zion. Again, we just persuaded a local volunteer and a ranger at the same time, who looked after the Watchmen camp. He had 3 campers ready for the night places that could not be booked in advance. Two remained empty 1 gave us. (A place for hand-copied people, a huge place for 2 large caravans - we kept encountering the generosity of the Americans. A Slovak would throw us out.) We immediately fell asleep. Zion is nice, but realistically, unless you're a fan of the endless hikes, only one is interesting. Local - compulsory bus will take you to the last stop No. 9 – Temple of Sinawava (The stops are spectacularly named, that's exactly how the surrounding rocks lining the canyon appear. A full-day hike awaits you at each stop.) The river,
which canyon created the Virgin River is our destination. We will wade the river upstream until we get tired of it. Those who go the furthest avoid the crowds people and bathe in places with a fierce cold river. I have a similar experience from the Verdon Valley in France. The predatory current of the river creates a relatively deep one and a narrow part. With a bit of caution, you climb into the current and ride tens of meters that end in a wider and deeper tone. Careful parent they watched with concern as I completed this track with 7-year-old Barborka - several times. My two sons literally enjoyed it. Then they joined Mexicans and Chinese and there were already a lot of us. It was evening that day meeting with the ranger - a lecture about the inhabitants of Zion Park - bats and so on..

I will add the photos from the river wading when I find them / after all the actions to archive the photos, they all disappeared from the caravan trip / I am repairing the SD cards and getting the photos back.

Last days, 20. 7 to 22. 7 Moving again, hot and the caravan is gradually falling apart, cans of coke in the warehouse exploded from the heat. The unpredictability of our arrivals at the camps, not booking accommodation has several advantages. If we see a beautiful lake, we bathe, we even find out that there is a campsite with a free place by the lake. Here we see more another possible strategy. You have everything pre-ordered (excursions, accommodation, restaurants), but you can't discover places that the internet won't tell you. And the internet doesn't even know everything. For example, we are never on the map  they didn't discover really good paths for cars leading almost to  the beach, interesting
camping sites right in the forest, where camping is not only allowed but they will even build you a shower and a toilet there (France). Exceptionally ours friends booked a camping spot near the Grand Canyon, so we are a beautiful lake (Lake Povel with the campsite) left and we drove another 2 hours further. We are now spending our second night here. You honestly don't have much in the Grand Canyon what to do (drive a bus around and take pictures of the whole thing from a distance) unless you don't decide to go all the way down there. They receive 600 calls a year for help … we with 3 children. But we went at least a little for about an hour. I heard with my own ears an avalanche of torn stones - that scared me a little, I realized how they are rocks cracked. Who knows how much longer they will last. We saw hummingbirds and 15 centimeter butterflies, cacti and rocks that turned into a huge, two kilometer deep canyon almost two billion years old. Campsites down there in the Grand Canyon are said to seriously require reservations. There are always places above the Canyon.

The trip is already slow ends. We have to hand over our RV by July 25. Our families are slowly celebrating, they are very worried about us. However, America is big and therefore safe. We're not fooling around and we follow the rules. We are looking at the weather forecast. We simplify life with procedures that reduce the risk of injury the most. We hope accidental shootings they avoid us in public. Unfortunately, the world is already like that. Violence happens everywhere and people who perceive the world only through the media often have distorted information and they are often afraid. You have to get out there and experience it all for yourself the skin. The vast majority of people of any race or creed just want to live their own lives life. Tomorrow we will decide what to do with the last two days.

23. 7. 2023 It's morning said goodbye to the family that was camping with us. We thought so we will also finish the last two days at a slow pace. After mass - finally Christian, but we headed for a trip to an impact crater an hour away in Arizona. It is one of the few surviving impact craters
meteorite. For $108, we can take a short walk next to the approximately 40-meter crater trail, look at the already quite eroded crater and watch a movie and read the rich biography of the family whose entrance fee we pay for the crater. Since it was too windy, they closed the crater and upset the wife, and the latter paid money she snapped back. You cannot enter the crater, there is no hiking trail around it (the so-called Rimtrail - walk along the ledge along the edge) and only allow you to follow it binoculars. It's a desperate attraction. I definitely do not recommend it. At such a price to us they should have added at least t-shirts and caps. The most interesting part of these craters is the center. There, due to the impact, special minerals are formed. So they didn't let us in there. it was impossible to walk around. and in the tourist center we saw a mock-up of the return module from Apollo 13. The crater is 2 km wide and was caused by a 45-meter iron meteoroid.

We continued to the Petrified Forest National Park. Petrified Forrest park. We arrived quite late, but we saw 250,000-year-old fossils
crystallized fallen trees. It is defacto a wasteland if it were lit the sun, unbearably hot. Four storms raged in our area at the same time, but always
they avoided us (or we them). The weather for desert conditions was excellent. From the trees they preserved only fallen and broken thick trunks even in different states decomposition. They all had the shape of wood, but it was clear that they were made of stone, and different of crystallized quartz. I didn't learn how from the descriptions in the park it happened. The museum was already closed. The park had a campsite at its southern end place (free) But we didn't use it.

The night was young and my summer - the driver's password arpe Noctum drove me on. Now half an hour after midnight I parked the caravan
in the Apache reservation. All the Indian reservations we have seen so far they were desolate bleak lands similar to a parched planet. Here, in the light headlights, I could see trees and forests even from the edge of the road towards us aiming, from under the white tail, his dreaded weapon, the Skunk. As long as he had time shoot, missed the ventilation. The place where we are standing is high, there is no written prohibition of parking, even here I catch the internet. After a night spent in Apache territory, a beautiful view may await us down to the reservation.

24. 7/2023 Apache territory was nice. Randomly placed caravans were probably places where individual Apaches lived. The city of Mamoth, through which we passed perhaps their children provides at least some usable education. We were descending from the Arizona mountains of Sitgreaves National Forest, there were still remnants of snow on the peaks. Where are the scattered dilapidated Apache caravans and lost herds in distant meadows. The wife, as a sitter, watched google maps and looked for what could be interesting. And suddenly she read the name Biosphere 2. Anyone interested in popular science knows immediately. I couldn't believe my ears that the Biosphere was so close. Turn 5 miles. Biosphere 2 is a giant greenhouse with simulated environments that represent Earth's climate zones. An attempt 20 years ago, under the name Biosphere 1, laid the foundations for research into the possibilities of human crew survival on an alien station. The attempt failed after 3 years, but the University of Arizona maintains the greenhouse for partial experiments and, of course, for tourists.

Then we looked again Saguaro National Park near Tuscon. Cacti are nice. The center of the park is excellent  .Many American Wild West movies were filmed near this town. After however, corona from the local theme park, Tucson Holywood, probably nothing not left.

.Now we are sitting near Phoenix at Koa Camp. It is scary place. The Americans just sit and watch in their megacaravans TV. Two grandmothers walking their dogs right in the campsite tried to avoid me. Everywhere is dark and dead. I will never understand these strange camps or the people. who live in them. Nobody sits outside, people don't talk, don't grill, they do not live, there is no program, there are no children. Darkness, boarded up windows and humming air conditioners. Tomorrow morning we will drop off the car and try to catch the plane to Washington. We don't know what to expect from Cruz America. Hertz was pretty cool though to the crumbs that were left of me. However, we are in this caravan for 16 days they drove 4500 miles which is 1000 more than what was in the contract when I he did not understand correctly, it is 2800 more. We spent at least 110 driving in it hours. They spent so much money on fuel that this car would pass European emission standards never passed. We'll see tomorrow.

25. 7. 2023 20:00 Washington time. At times I had the feeling that I could do this in the caravan travel the whole world. In 17 days we covered a distance of 4,500 miles, that's about it 8200 km. Our entire expedition is quite tiring. Children are probably the best at it. We handed over the caravan very quickly. Cruz America showed off. I noticed their slogan. Our employers own, you travel. The people at headquarters in Phoenix were relaxed like everywhere, they had enough time for everything, but they didn't hold us back. Mine generation grew up, and I think today's young generation also grows up in society, which prepares unexpected obstacles. We are not taught that what is written in it will apply to the contract. We are waiting for some additions and omissions, in small print somewhere, where you have it one does not notice when signing. America is not like that. You don't even have to at our offices the official cannot tell what will happen if you follow a certain procedure. Here in the USA, if you come somewhere, they are definitely ready for it. After a little confusion on I am sitting at the airport (In the secret pocket they found an oval object - my lost flashlight - light) On the plane, in 15 minutes we will land in Washington. My dream 1. The category, (one of the dreams), namely to travel the USA in a caravan, came true and ended. Only the memories of 6400 photos and 0 on the account remained. Memories of us, including my children influence for the future. They got the young ranger badges themselves, they helped us when the car backed up, they helped and struggled during difficult hikes in the desert at night the temperature did not drop below 45C. And when it all ended under a dried cactus, in Saquaro Park, and they couldn't even take a step away from the caravan. These experiences, whatever their price may have been, will be given to them write in their memory and perhaps have already changed their character. They are stronger, better and they know that apart from their little world there is a much bigger world around. When him once they meet in the future they will not be afraid. They will consider him a friend.

Additions to the journey:

Camping and accommodation in national parks:
The official route is: You can find the name of the campsite where you want to spend the night at google maps. Then click on www.recreation.gov for campground orders (or lodge - houses) you can find a specific page of the camp - accommodation by names. There, the calendar is unpacked and you choose between available dates. For unpredictable guests often have 3 or more places that they will assign you when you will arrive not too early but not too late. A camping spot costs 25 – $30, which you put in a yellow envelope with the license plate of the car and the name of the person responsible
persons. You can park 1 motorhome and 1 car at each camping site car, Or just 1 car and 1 trailer - a booth - like the caravan that pulls. There is usually no connection to water, electricity and waste in the parks camping right on the spot. There is no wifi. But every campsite has a dump station - the possibility to dump waste and pump clean water for free. Waste and water pumping are also available for free at many gas stations. Every camping site in the national park is on large European proportions.

Ordering system
in national parks. You must enter some parks (Archies). $2 to buy a time ticket. This limits the time you enter the park. If you come rather, no one will send you away. Departure time is not limited. In the USA, there are national parks of the 2nd category - National forest. There is camping anywhere, open fires are only allowed in the place where the fireplace is built. An iron table with chairs is standard everywhere in campsites. don't buy your own chairs. There is a recycling program at the chemical reception. Those who finish camping and don't want to drag their equipment to the plane can leave quilts, pillows, firewood, refrigerators, sleeping bags at the reception... Choose what you want and use it. You can also leave it somewhere else.

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